Whether you are looking to purchase, refinance or cash out equity in your investment property located in the great state of Texas, we can help you obtain your investment goals.

We have stated income investment property loans that do not require personal or business tax returns.  Most of our products are competitive in pricing and flexible to match your specific needs.

Texas has become one of the most popular states for investing in real estate since the rebound in the last great recession. Texas is now favored as a now trendy destination, with strong fundamentals, and better affordability increased cash flow and high rental demands that are outpacing many other major markets.

The Lone Star State is the second largest and most populous state in the US, and boasts the second highest gross state product. Texas’ economy has become far more diversified in recent years, and has become synonymous with being a business friendly and low tax destination. Despite a low average personal income rate, the state is also home to the second largest concentration of millionaires.

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Economic & Real Estate Market Trends:

Texas’ population has increased by double digits at every census count since 1850. As of 2018 there are close to 28.5M residents in the state.

DFW adds 119,000 new jobs

Dallas area home values now up over 40%

Dallas Housing Market Forecast 2017

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas 2017 Indicators

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