Multifamily Conduit – Apartment Lending Solutions

The conduit market is similar to what is was in the early 2000’s. Reasonable underwriting practices are the norm. Rental income is computed by using market rents. Interest-only is possible for low-leveraged (LTV) opportunities.

Direct Money Lenders is well-established within the lending community. We have relationships with companies that have direct access to the Wall Street trading desks and have the lowest conduit multifamily mortgage loan offerings. Our experience makes us your lending partners! You will gain confidence once you speak with one of our professional loan officers.

The target market for our multifamily conduit product is from $1,000,000+.

Conduit lending (CMBS) is only for “A” and “B” type properties located in top 250 metro MSA’s

Conduit Loan for Multifamily Apartment Advantages

Advantages of a conduit loan can be greatly beneficial. Some reasons to consider a conduit loan: All are non-recourse with interest-only options for low LTV’s – High CLTV with mezzanine piece available to 90% – 5 – 20-year terms with 25 and 30-year amortizations. Conduit loans provide the low, permanent, fixed-rate multifamily apartment financing. Conduit multifamily loans are available in today’s credit market but, like HUD – FHA loans, are expensive to enter.

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Apartment Conduit Loans General Guidelines

Eligible Properties Above-average
multifamily apartment and mobile home parks and manufactured
housing properties with a minimum of 10 pads or sites.
Minimum Loan Size $2,000,000+
Pricing Tiered pricing based on LTV and DSCR
Loan Terms 5 – 20 Fixed terms with
25 – 30 year amortization
Prepayment Defeasance – Yield Maintenance
Personal Guarantees Non-recourse with standard
carve outs for grantor fraud or other bad behaviors
Minimum DSC 1.25 – 1.45
Loan-to-Value 90% maximum
Occupancy Requirements Stabilized properties only
Third Party Reports CALL
Preliminary Submission
Package For Conduit Loans:
Include the following in
your request for a Conduit Mortgage quote:
1. Property description, address, & current debt structure
– Well written summary
2. Representative color photographs – (6 – 7 preferred)
3. Operating statements – YTD & prior – (2 – 3 years
4. Current rent rolls & leases
5. Sponsor’s resume