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California continues to be one of the most popular real estate destinations in the world. Despite its taxes, earthquakes, and high property prices, global investors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists just can’t get enough of it.


CA is one of the 3 largest states in America, and the 3rd most populous. Alone it is the 6th largest economy on the planet. It boasts a rich and diverse landscape from the Pacific coast to mountains and desert areas. California hosts headquarters to 3 of earth’s largest companies, and has been a consistent trend setter in technology, finance, and the environment.

Largest Cities & Towns in CA:

Top Business Sectors in CA:

As of 2016 CA had an unemployment rate of 5.5%, and a state GSP of over $2.5 trillion. That’s high than the entire GDP of all but 5 countries, and is higher than Brazil, India, and Russia.

Largest Employers Include:

Economic & Real Estate Data and Trends:


California Governor Jerry Brown proclaims his state economy is growing a lot faster than Texas [ Politifact ] California population trends:U.S. Census reports show that the state’s population has grown at every count since 1850. 2016 census estimated to the current population of California at over 32.5 million.

Real Estate:

Los Angeles top global 2017
San Francisco’s housing market is peaking according to Zillow , who predicts housing prices will follow diving rents in 2017.

A World Property Journal survey reveals $1.7T in global investment capital available for 2017, with Los Angeles being the preferred destination for international investors.

CA Real Estate News:

High prices expected to hold back California homes sales volume in 2017

Bay Area exodus could be big this year

California Association of Realtors Housing Market Forecast

Resources for CA Property Investors:

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