SC is a popular state with real estate investors. Many retirees choose South Carolina, as well. The resources listed below help property investors make sound financial decisions when investing in South Carolina real estate.

South Carolina

The Palmetto State is a popular tourist destination, but it’s also a great place for investors. The growing economy makes it an excellent choice for investors. The gross state product was $97 billion in 1997 and had grown to $153 billion by 2007. It’s the 23rd most populous state in the county and has consistently attracted new business throughout the state.

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South Carolina’s population has grown every year since 1790, according to the census report.The population was just 249,073 in 1790 and has grown to more than 4.6 million as of 2010. Since 1980, the population has grown more than 10% every 10 years.

Columbia: Home to 14 Fortune 500 Companies

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Downtown Columbia:700 new condos coming to Downtown with 60,000 square feet of retail

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