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Let’s Introduce About Us

Located in the heart of America Indianapolis, Indiana. Our business philosophy and long-term strategy has always been about building strong relationships with customers and mortgage brokers. Most property types are considered - Many borrower's are eligible and all brokers are protected and welcome to call us.

Who We Are

We Are Expert In Financing

With years working experience in the mortgage lending industry, Direct Money Lenders Inc. has always set ourselves apart from our competitors by providing top quality service by instilling the importance of HONEST customer service in our corporate culture. Let us represent you on your next commercial loan opportunity.

Our Team


Jennifer Abshire

CCO – General Partner

Jennifer Abshire is the Senior Analyst and Marketing Manager of Rental Home Financing. Jennifer is responsible for credit and collateral risk management for the firm and brings several years of banking experience that encompasses commercial and real estate financing.


Doug Goins

CMO – General Parnter – National Sales Director

Doug has over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, & real estate investing, Managing Director and Head of Marketing and Business Development for Direct Money Lenders Inc. Doug is a 22 year real estate investment veteran.


Michelle Barnett Analyst

Senior Transactional Manager

Michelle is the Senior Analyst and Transactoinal Manager of Rental Home Financing. Jennifer is the expert liaison during the underwriting and due diligence process as managing the transaction process from start to closing.


Chris O’Connor

Sales Director

As the sales manager, Chris helps with originating our various investment products. Including our revolutionary, Second Generation Securitization Product.


Robert Robey

Sales Associate

Rob has solid experience directing loan functions, setting expectations to the customer and managing our clients through the process.


Jay Byrd

Marketing Analysis

Jay Byrd comes to RHF with an extensive background in marketing and communications helping to strategize content, advertising, search engine optimization.

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